Why Ezine Advertising Doesn't Always Work?

Why Ezine Advertising Doesn't Always Work?
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It's a well known fact that Ezine advertising is one of the best methods of Advertising and for the most part brings the best results. Now with that said and done let's take a closer look at a few reasons why you might not get the results you expected.
You see a "Big Name" marketer may be marketing his "New" Product That no one has every seen and make sales left and right and then turn around and tell you how great ezine advertising is and even suggest the ezines he/she used.

So with great excitement you've decided to advertise a product that has been out for quite a while (even a week) and decide to use all the same ezines with out subscribing to them first or checking the owners website to see if he has already saturated his list with the same product. You follow the "Guru's" foot steps but with little or no results. What happened?

Did the "Guru" lie? No, but it's our responsibility to wisely apply the information we receive. Now in the example above if you had truly followed the Guru's Footsteps and had been the "First" to launch a "New" Hot Endorsed Product, I dare say you would have probably experienced the same great results he did.

So how can the Affiliate or someone without a personal "New" Product do well with ezine advertising? Acting "Quick" and getting your ads out "First" will often give you a Big Selling Ratio Edge. And Unique sales copy is Important.

Other known working Methods are to "Know" your Ezines by Subscribing to several of them especially in your known niche market. Or better yet "Completely" outside of your niche market where everyone hasn't already seen the product you're promoting. Small ezines or small coop ezines can often bring good results.

Always think about things before you act and don't let the "Hype" control your emotions. Everyone has to apply information to their own situation to succeed. More on this Subject Coming Soon!

If you are interested in trying coop ads and want to get started with coop ezine ads to small ezines without shelling out more than $8.00 to be seen in 6-12 ezines take a look at this site.

If you want to pay a "little" more for coop solo ezine ads ( and be seen in several ezines ) then you might want to have a look at this site.

Small ezines offer a lot of special deals and even free advertising once you are subscribed to them. Happy Ezine Exploring!

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