Writing Ezine Ads-For Their List and Yours

The opt-in email list has become quite a buzz word these days. As well it
should. A list of email subscribers is the most valuable marketing tool you can
have. Building it should be top priority.

An easy, inexpensive method for attracting targeted subscibers for your list is
with ezine advertising. To succeed, you'll need a couple of pointers.

First, how do you write ezine solo ads to get them on your list? Second, how
should you write ads to profit from your own list?

Many marketers don't know that there's a distintion between the two. In this
article I'll explain the difference and give you an example of both.

Advertising to Their List
Your primary goal when advertising in an ezine is to get subscribers to your
opt-in list. The best way to accomplish this is to offer a free e-course or e-book
targeted to the subscribers of the ezine. They receive your offer in exchange for
their email address.

For example, let's say you're an expert at search engine optimization(SEO). You
may send out a solo ezine ad like this: "Get my 7 day e-course to master top Google
ratings". You would have a direct link to the subscribe form on your website.
For best results, place your ad in marketing or webmastering ezines.

Advertising to Your List
Your primary goal when dealing with your list is to build a relationship first. You
want to establish yourself as an expert in your field. This is done by giving away
unique, high quality information that your subscribers will find useful. You've
already started the process with your free offer.

You can supplement your own info. with free reprint articles which can be found
at numerous article sites like In essence, you do the research
and pass on the best information you can find. You help your subscribers save
time and money which builds trust and crediblity.

When the time comes to actually advertise, you should simply recommend a
product or service that you personally use. Your credibility is on the line here, so
be careful about what you refer. To increase the response to your ad, try bundling
a free bonus that compliments or completes your product.

For example, say you're still an SEO expert. You've given away a bunch of valuable
information so far and haven't "advertised" anything yet. You decide to recommend
the keyword tool you use and throw in a free report about the top ten methods for
researching keywords. Your ad might look like this: "My recommended keyword tool
plus bonus research report". If you've established yourself as an expert, people will
WANT know what keyword tool you use. You see the difference? You don't look like
another marketer after their wallet, but a trusted source of information.

Success isn't so far away, if you're willing to put a little effort and some dedication
into your work. Follow the guidelines mentioned and you'll definitely increase sales,
expand your opt-in list, and build an invaluable reputation.

About the Author

Greg Root started using ezine advertising almost exclusively
since 2003 and owns and maintains 'The Ezine Ad Tester' at . See the results of his ezine
advertising campaigns to find the best online internet advertising
resources on the internet.

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