Channel Catfishing in Texas

Fishing for Channel Cat Fish in East Texas

Monday, September 26, 2005 Well, it is a beautiful day and a time to write down some thoughts that have prevailed on my mind today as well as give you a little info on channel catfishing in East Texas, this will work elswhere as well.

Let me start with my story and how it came about. We went to visit my Baby Brother Sunday afternoon, although he is seven years older than me he is still and will forever be my baby brother, whom I admire very much.

We stopped by and he said, lets go fishing. Although I grew up in a family that loved to fish, I have somehow gotten away from it in the last few years, and normally I would have said not today, but something made me say yes. We went down to his farm where the river runs through, and as we were going, I noticed that he was much more frail than the last time I saw him, which was a few months previous.

We got to the river and he had a folding chair to sit on, he is suffering with diabetes, and the rest of us had five gallon buckets to sit on, just like when we were kids.

He had a big bucket of stink bait, oh how bad it smelled, but he had a little devise that you push your hook down in the stink bait and swirl it around and you never have to touch the stink bait. Okay, I am a bit squeamish, but only with some worms and stinkbait.

We baited out hooks and threw them about midway of a running part of the river, that is where the channel catfish like to be. And we waited, after about 10 minutes, I am getting tired but then it happened, the fish had found the stink bait and for about two hours we pulled fish out like crazy. He caught some big ones, and I caught some little ones, but that is okay.

As I sat there in the peace and quiet of the running water and the gentle breeze, I realized that this will be one of the memories that I take to my grave..

My Baby Brother, a gentle kind man, who has lived his life in a way, that I could always look up too. Someone that I am proud to know and be acquainted with. We don't even have to talk, just sit quietly by the banks of the river and a portion of our life and enjoy the beautiful nature and surroundings. He was a little more quiet than usual, and I knew he was not feeling well.
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