Alaskan Halibut Fishing

If you are looking for a Great Fishing Adventure then you must go to Alaska and fish for Halibut. As you will see itís more than just a fishing trip.

I recently went to Alaska (for the first time) to go Halibut fishing, and got much more than I had expected. After flying across the country in big jumbo jets, when you leave for the lodge from Juneau you go in a Float Plane or Sea Plane, as they are commonly known. I went in a single passenger Plane, just the Pilot and me sitting side by side. The flight to the lodge takes you over and between many Mountains that are always Snow capped. You take off on the water and land on the water, if you have never done this before itís a great experience all by itself.

Once at the Lodge (always Saturday) within a half-hour you have your License and are on the boat heading out to sea. Besides the Halibut I caught Coho and King Salmon, Ling Cod, Red Snapper. The largest Halibut I caught was 140 pounds, King Salmon was 40 pounds, Coho Salmon was 15 pounds and the Ling Cod was 44 pounds. Work your muscles before you go because you will definitely be sore after the first days fishing, you can use the Hot Tub to relax after you return.

If you want to go Stream Fishing with either Spinning or Fly-fishing gear thatís also available. We encountered Bearís also fishing in the stream.

Besides the Bear along the Streams you will also see Bald Eagles, Seals, Sea Otters, Sea Lions and if youíre lucky as we were you will see a Whale or two. Bring cameras and/or camcorders.

The food is fantastic. Full breakfast, eggs, pancakes, omelets. Lunch on the boat, sandwiches, soda, beer, smoked Salmon. Dinner is mainly the fish caught that day but served like youíve never had fish prepared before, we also had a Steak dinner.

The fish that are caught each day are fillet and frozen in separate vacuumed sealed packages. Each package is a pound of two and you choose the % of each type of fish caught you take home. I took 75% Halibut and 25% Salmon and had about 100 pounds of frozen fish in two ready to take boxes.

As you can see this is a very professional operation and I guarantee when you go that you will agree that itís more than just a fishing trip, itís an Alaskan adventure. For information please visit the web-site of the very best Fishing Lodge in Alaska:

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