Fitness Woman. Do you need a reason to get fit?

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Fitness Woman. Do you need a reason to get fit?

Oh what a shift! Death and disease from tobacco is being
replaced with obesity related diseases. This according to
recent study of trends. Heart disease has become the number
one killer of women. Obesity from inactivity and very poor
eating habits are killing not only women but men also. More
children and teenagers are becoming overweight and diabetic.
In this article we will concentrate on women and obesity.

First, lets look at the nutrition part of the growing
dilemma. Fat from deep fried foods, bad cuts of meat and
fats added in cooking compounded with sugar laded foods are
the biggest culprit of the expanding waist. Start replacing
that donut with an orange or apple. Eat chicken breast meat
instead that fat laden bratwurst. Replace the potato chips
with lite popcorn for a salty snack. There are web sites
that you can check out that will help you in this area.
Donít be taken in by some magic pill or potion to help you
lose the fat. Cleaning up your eating habits is the best
way. Generally the less processing the food went through
the better it is for you. Example would be, an apple alone
is better for you than apiece of apple pie.

Letís get active!
Now let us touch on the lack of exercise and obesity. Do
you have to train for a triathlon to get into shape? No.
But you do have to increase your activity part of your
lifestyle. Simple steps like getting off the couch while
watching TV and taking a walk. Parking in the back part of
the parking lot at work to increase walking distance. You
donít really need fancy equipment just to lose a few pounds.
Just determination. Or maybe you would like to start
Fitness Walking. An excellent low cost workout. You are
saying to yourself ďwhat is the difference between walking
and Fitness Walking?Ē With Fitness Walking you pace
yourself fast enough to elevate your heart rate. When you
reach your targeted heart rate, you are at optimum fat
burning. Basically you need a higher quality walking shoe
and a program to follow. Or maybe join a yoga or Pilates
class. What ever you think you would like to do and stay at

The fact of the matter!
Women may reduce breast cancer 25% to 35% with reasonable
exercise. Again you donít have to train for a triathlon to
receive the benefits. Drop the extra weight by watching
your diet and becoming more active in your lifestyle.

Jeopardizing your health is the last thing Nature Boy wants.
Please check with your doctor before starting a fitness
program. We want to make this a healthy start to a better

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