Five Reasons For Preparing Your Own Baby Food

Here are 5 good reasons to start preparing your own baby
food, as opposed to buying it in the store.

Commercial baby foods contain additional fat, salt,
sugar, fillers or other ingredients that are completely
unnecessary (and often inappropriate) to your baby's diet.
These additives are an attempt to add flavor, texture and
bulk to poor-quality products. They contribute nothing at
all to your baby's health or well-being. By preparing the
food yourself, you can be sure that your baby is getting
exactly what his/her little body needs - and nothing that
it doesn't.

By preparing your baby's food yourself, you know exactly
what your baby is eating. When you prepare an apple sauce,
you know he/she is getting fresh, pure apple and all the
goodness it contains. However, when you buy apple-sauce
at the store, you'd almost need a degree in nutrition
just to decipher the list of ingredients.

Once you get started cooking for your baby, you'll quickly
realize just how easy it is. All you need is a food blender
and some fresh ingredients to quickly prepare healthy,
tasty, home-made meals for your little one. Furthermore,
by making large amounts of his/her favorite meals in
advance, and then freezing them for later, you'll be able
to serve up delicious, healthy meals in minutes -- every
day of the week.

The prices that baby food manufacturers charge for their
products is nothing short of scandalous and are in no way
justifiable. The reason they can charge so much is because
they've conditioned most parents to believe that they have
no choice but to buy from them. By preparing your baby's
food yourself, you can avoid being a victim of this
daylight robbery, and find yourself with extra cash to
spend on all those other things that a growing baby needs.

Watching your baby enjoy the meal you've just prepared for
him/her is already a very gratifying experience. On top of
that, however, you have the satisfaction and pride of
knowing that you're giving your child the gift of a healthy
and nutritious diet - and saving yourself money as well.

And finally...

If all that weren't enough, here's another great reason to
do it yourself: home-made baby food is much tastier than any
commercial product. Delicious food is one of life's great
pleasures and your baby deserves to enjoy the rich flavor
and texture of real home cooking just as much as you or I.
After all, none of us would enjoy eating 'TV Dinners'
morning, noon and night - and that goes for your baby too!

So, don't put it off. Get started today. Your baby will
thank you for it in more ways than one.


About the Author

Nancy Miller is author of 'How to Make Your Own Healthy Baby
Food' and a full-time working mom. Visit Nancy's website at

Nancy Miller