Baltimore Ravens Will Win the Super Bowl

We have mentioned the fact that the trend is for the NFC to win the Super Bowl this year. Trends are just that, Trends, and like rules, they are made to be broken. The AFC will break the trend and it will not be the Patriots breaking the trend but the Baltimore Ravens will win it all and they are a nice 13 to 1 odds. Value wise this is almost as good as the odds for the Vikings. I see the Ravens playing against the Vikings in the Super Bowl with Baltimore becoming the new CHAMPIONS.

The Ravens have been down since their glory year in 2000. They have since gone 10-6, 7-9, 10-6, and 9-7. This year will be better with all the changes, and could put them back in the Super Bowl. Boller will take advantage of all the changes and Coach Fassell will open up the offense. Bold prediction, if Boller falls, Wright could step in and have big numbers and move this team towards the Super Bowl.

Jamal Lewis will be able to play football this year and not worry about the off the field problems that has plagued him. The addition of Mason and Clayton will help the passing game but I think Hymes will have a bigger role than many people think. He is big and should become the difference maker that this team needs. Oh, by the way, the Ravens have the best TE in the league in Todd Heap.

Some say the defense is getting old and to some degree they are right but this is still the top and most feared defense in the league. Look for Polley to have a monster year and Suggs to build off of his great rookie year. With Ray Lewis in the middle there is no reason to worry about this defense.

Baltimore should be 5-1 or 4-2 before the first showdown with the Steelers on Halloween. If Baltimore can beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh then they will have the inside track to win the division. Even if they lose this game they will be able to bounce back and have at least 3 more wins before they go to Denver on December 11th. They finish with Green Bay and Minnesota (Super Bowl Preview) at home before they end the season at Cleveland.

Super Bowl 2006 Final Score will be:
Baltimore 38 - Minnesota 17

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