Pre Season Football Betting

So you want to bet the Pre Season? Or maybe you don't! But betting on pre season football can be a profitable time for bettors.

The most common error is that, in betting terms, bettors treat the pre season like the regular season, when in fact they are two very different things.

Think about it - during the regular season everything is on the line, jobs, reputations - for players and coaches - their very existence.

During the pre-season - nothing is really on the line. The pre season is not about 'winning' really (for most coaches) it is about sorting out your team, it's about finding out who is best played where - the players a coach intends using. It is a time for experimentation.

Even if a coach has a fair idea of who he wants to play and how he wants to play - why let on to the opposing team?

Well there are occasions where a new coach might do this - some new coaches like to win to impress their owners and get off to flying start..

Generally though, don't bank on your star quarterback killing himself to win a pre season game and don't underestimate a team of rookies - who might be trying to cement their places.

The pre season can be a time of uncertainty where traditional, regular season, handicapping methods go out of the window - but with a little thought this can be turned to your advantage and pre season football betting suddenly becomes profitable!

So what to look for in the final analysis:

1. Do not overestimate a favourite.
2. Do not underestimate a dog.
3. Pay attention to new coaches.
4. Look for value - if an underdog is getting a big start, or a favourite a big negative start on the sides - that might be all you need to win a game without further analysis.

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The author is a professional bettor and trader and has been involved in the betting industry for over 8 years.

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