Super Bowl Long Shots - Part 1

Most of you know there have been seven teams to win back to back Super Bowls but never three in a row.

But did you know that the year after the back to back run an AFC team won the Super Bowl the following year the first 4 times and the NFC has been the victor the past 3 times. Does the NFC produce the next Super Bowl winner to complete the trend?

Staying with the trend that the NFC will produce the next Super Bowl Champion, perhaps the Buccaneers at 35 to 1 might be worth the chance to come through. No, we are not big Tampa Fans but we like Gruden as a coach and think he might be ready for another run.

John Gruden did wonders for Rich Gannon and I think Brian Griese will start
to show similar results this year. Clayton is a great young wide receiver
and the young stud running back Williams will make Florida fans forget about
the other Williams. Also look out for Larry Brackins at wide receiver; he
could be the steal of the draft.

Defense struggled to stay at their standards and will be challenged to
uphold the tradition. The D has gotten old but with the projected
offensive numbers they will not have to be as good all the time.

Tampa Bay has a chance to be 3-3 going into their bye. When they come out
they will be at San Francisco which should put them at 4-3. The next two
games will decide if they are to make a run. They get Carolina and
Washington at home. If they head out to Chicago with a 6-3 record, then they
will have a great shot of positioning themselves for the playoffs. At that
point they would be down to around 15 to 1 odds, so grab them now at 35 to

Is this a great bet? Well it is 35 to 1 so we will go out on a limb and say
no, but at 35 to 1 and with the Eagles as the only true proven power house in the
NFC, why not Tampa Bay to slide through?

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