Cobra Solution To Be Launched At Benefits Management Forum & Expo

Omaha, NE -- August 1, 2004 – COCO Development, LLC is set to launch its newest HR compliance solution, COBRApoint, a web-powered COBRA, HIPAA, State Continuation and Retiree Billing system, at the 17th Annual Benefits Management Forum & Expo in Nashville, Tennessee, on September 19, 2004. COBRApoint’s revolutionary design makes it the first COBRA compliance platform developed on and accessed by the web.

COBRApoint uses ASP.NET, SQL, XML and Java technologies to administer COBRA, HIPAA, state continuation, retiree billing and customized billing services for single employers and professional administrators.

COBRApoint’s XML powered reporting suite offers both the user and their clients real time web-based management tools. The solution’s letter-generation function can be off-loaded to an outsourced mail service, or letters can be printed locally. COBRApoint’s ability to accept file transfers in any format in use today enhances it flexibility and value to the user.

COBRApoint was developed by a national administrator of COBRA, HIPAA, State Continuation and Retiree Billing compliance services to satisfy its internal demands and challenges.

COBRApoint was built using ASP.NET technology to take advantage of the software model known as Application Service Provider (ASP). A key element of ASPs is the concept of centrally managed software solutions. Given the ever-increasing pace of new state and federal regulations that impact HR compliance, a centrally managed application deployed to multiple end-users is the only viable manner in which to ensure all users are compliant.

Through COBRApoint University, end-users learn the best practices for not only using the application, but also in starting, building and managing a full service COBRA, HIPAA, State Continuation and Retiree Billing services company. Professional development can be continued through “best practices” discussion groups, open forums, annual user group conferences and full library of industry information and management tools.

Founded in 2003, COCO Development, LLC develops and supports cutting edge compliance solutions designed to streamline and simplify the complex task of managing today’s Human Resource departments.

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