Ebonic Pursuit Card game for the Illiterate

I guess nothing surprises me any more. I live in New York and these teenagers on the subway were playing a card game called Ebonic Pursuit.
Being an African American who speaks proper grammar this offended me. These kids were white and maybe twenty years old. They were wearing backward baseball caps and Sean John and Fubu clothing. This attire promotes thugs and Hip Hop Stars. They were reading sentences in the game that contained profanity and highly inappropriate grammar and you had to translate the ebonics words. They were laughing and carrying on for about fifteen minutes. As I left I said that they should learn proper English, they responded "Get out the Cool aid Nigger before I Cancel Christmas on your black ass and give you cootchie ripper like a mother bleeper." There was five or six of them so I just left. It's a sad state of affairs what the young people are up to. Whose going to run the country for us in the next generation?

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Forty five year old Teacher from New York.

Latroy Hawkins