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As a creator of an online mafia game, I know the winning strategy very well and I want to share these with you. In most online games there are 2 categories of characters in game. 1- Producers 2- Attackers/Defenders .

In my game KVGAME, It is like that too. Also there are resources which makes these characters happy and more strong. When you are in the first steps of the game, just build producers and some attackers to increase the growth. When you have a good number of producers now start to make attackers and power these with available buildings and defensive bases. As you reach a good point in this strategy, now it is time to be the 1st. To be the first you need some extras.

In most of these game and my game KVGAME, players start with some reserve turns and they can buy some credits for money. Dont use your reserves or credits until you reach the previous step. As you reach this step, start using these extra turns and build attackers and producers at the same time. By the way, dont forget to buy or produce the resources. Otherwise, your characters will start to die. As you become in first 3 of the game now your aim is to make your enemies far so just attack the nearest enemy and make him far. Important thing is that never buy any powerfull weapons until you receive a good position in the game. Invest that money into attackers instead of weapons. Buy only the cheapest weapons only to make your attackers happy. By this strategy you can easily win the game especially in my game KVGAME.

Other important techniques:

1-Use your turns no more than 11. Because all these games use random periods so when you enter 50-60 turns your risk is too much to get low but you dont have any chance to get very much.
2-When you can afford a building related to your productors, just buy it.
3-When you are attacking a guy, dont use invasion mode, but use drive-by mode. Invasion is just a loss for attacker. Drive-by is very advantagefull for attacker. But you need some vehicles for this too.

NOTE: By these techniques you can be successful in most online games. Especially my game Online Mafia Game KVGAME.
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