gamebookers limit the stake on bets

Very often can be hear the complain: at certain amount gamebookers limits someone stake drastically.


you get the answer (?) in Hungarian at ecobika:

„…betting is a high risk business, not only for tipsters but for bookmakers as well. Gamebookers, just like all other bookies, of course, has a system based on a number of factors designed to limit risk.”

I think, those, who think a conspircy-theory, are wrong, think too much about a simple fact, namely the RISK and OPEN POSITION.

If you bet with big amounts, live or last minute, gamebookers in RISK (like open positions at the banks), remains in RISK, no time to hedge for example. And perhaps has a limit of risk in amount on a single event, on a double event, on a live event etc. If you are at that amount with the eventual win, certainly, they can not take the risk, because they can not hedge themself!

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