Add some splash to your garden with a fountain

One great way to add character to a garden is to add a fountain. Fountains, also called water features and water elements, can add elegance, a sense of peace or a feeling of fun to nearly any landscape design. The sound of flowing or trickling water is comforting and relaxing for most people, so it helps make the environment inviting. In addition, practitioners of feng shui often suggest fountains for enhancing energy flow.

When selecting a fountain, it is important to consider the personality of the space you want to decorate, as well as the effect you would like to create. Fountains are available in a myriad of sizes, materials and designs so the possibilities are limitless. Some fountains are built into the landscape, while others are self-contained and can be placed nearly anywhere.

The centerpiece fountain
A centerpiece fountain is usually most appropriate for a large outdoor space. Consider using a centerpiece fountain as a focal point for your garden design. Often centerpiece fountains are sculptures consider them as works of art and choose a fountain that you will enjoy and that makes you feel good to view. Usually centerpiece fountains are made of stone, cement or resin.

A large fountain can be used in a smaller place such as a patio garden, but only if the primary use of the space is not impeded by the fountain's placement. For example, if children play in the space or groups of adults gather for drinks and barbecue, a fountain in the center is probably a bad idea. However if the patio is used for reading, tiny gatherings, or just observing the sunset, a fountain may be the perfect accent.

While small waterfalls can be self-contained units, most waterfalls are integrated into the landscape. Waterfalls are ideal for a landscape that has a hill or slope. In some waterfalls, the water flows in a stream downhill. In others it falls from one plateau to another lower one. As the water lands, it has a lovely spray and satisfying sound. Often waterfalls have a pool at the base the pool may be used for fish such as koi, or decorative water plants. Usually, waterfalls use a plastic liner for the base along with natural elements for the sides of the waterfall.

Tabletop fountains
Small fountains suitable for a tabletop or pedestal stand are also popular for gardens. Tabletop fountains are ideal for a small space to which you want to add a decorative accent and lovely sound without spending a lot of money. They are easy to maintain and move, so if you are unsure of the ideal location for your fountain, this may be your best bet. If you are looking to get the most fashionable type of fountain, then mist fountains may be just what you are looking for. They give off a light mist, that not only is a great humidifier, but looks more beautiful than just a trickle of water does. Tabletop fountains are also great for indoor atriums and make great gifts for those who love gardens. The smallest tabletop fountains have footprints of only a few inches, others are up to a couple feet across. Tabletop fountains can be made of stone, metal, resin or plastic.

Wall fountains
If you are tight on space, wall fountains may be ideal for your purposes. Wall-mounted units are usually fairly small and can be hung from a fence or wall. These water features come in varying styles to look like artwork, natural elements or other structures.

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