Decorating around the garden

Straight Talk On – Decorating Around the Garden

Do you live near a park? Most people do – there are so many around
now. All levels of government recognize the value of a green
environment. And, of course, if people know that government has provided
them with lots of parks and trees, they’ll get lots of votes. But the
bottom line is – we have, in North America, some absolutely beautiful

Some of the most beautiful parks are natural areas, untouched by man,
with lots of trees and plants flourishing in their natural environment. For example, New York’s Central Park is a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, even though it’s right in the middle of the city. In California, there’s Redwood Park, with its statuesque redwood trees. In Vancouver, Canada, there’s Stanley Park, another beautiful acreage of natural habitat, set right next to the city.

And then there are the world-famous gardens, like Butchart Gardens in
Victoria, British Columbia, the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, England,
and the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town. These displays of
flowers literally take your breath away, their beauty is so stunning.

But you don’t have to go around the world to find a garden that takes
your breath away. You can create your own park – your own place to go on
sunny Saturday afternoons, complete with shady trees and cool summer
breezes. You can create the best of parks right in your own backyard (or front yard, too, for that matter).

Imagine your garden as a beautiful park

Why do people go to parks?  Most would probably say that they go
to parks to relax.  Think of the soothing feeling you get when you
walk into a quiet forest, with their pine needle beds and their sweet
scent of mature wood. Or perhaps the park you most like to visit is a
garden of floral delights – roses, chrysanthemums, magnolias, and
perhaps even orchids. These gardens are definitely places that whisk us
away from the rush of your daily lives into what almost seems like
another world. These are the gardens that are decked out in flowers,
with colorful garden decorations, statues, bridges, fountains
– all the things that just call out to you saying, Come. Sit down.
Relax. Breathe in the wonder of nature. Who could resist that call?

But you don’t need to go out to parks or gardens to find an
environment so sweet. You only need to go as far as your own back
yard. There’s no reason why you can’t create a garden of your own, just as good as any you’ll find in your neighborhood, or in your tourist
area. You can create your own garden.

If you don’t think you’re creative enough, then there are lots of
landscapers who can give you expert advice. They’ll come and survey your
yard, and present you with a number of plans that’ll give you a
wonderfully unique garden that’ll make you the envy of the entire
neighborhood – or maybe even the city. Landscapers are trained professionals. They can design and create a whole environment of beauty from your plain old yard. But whether you hire somebody, or do it yourself, the possibilities are endless. There are literally hundreds of ways you can beautify your garden. One unique way is with a decorative mailbox and post in front of your home.

You can create a garden as good as any park

To come up with a wonderfully-landscaped garden, just sit back, close your eyes, and let your imagination run wild.  Picture yourself sitting in your gazebo, the soft water of a gently-running fountain soothing your senses. You rise from your garden bench, and slowly wander over your little wooden bridge that crosses the babbling brook flowing through your garden. You stop here and there to admire the roses
climbing the trellis, or smell the carnations crawling up the gazebo walls, perhaps picking one to take inside and put in a glass on your
living-room table.

What a wonderful feeling that is, isn’t it? And this is something
totally within your range of possibility. Think of all the things you could do to turn your yard into a park. You could put little statues at
the entrance, beckoning everyone that passes by to stop and commune with
nature a while. If you’d like to educate your friends as they enjoy your garden, you could put up garden signs, naming the more exotic plants and flowers you’ve brought in. Great conversation pieces!

One of the more popular items in a creative garden these days is a
pond. There are dozens of types of fish you can keep, depending on the
size of the pond. You can fill it with lily pads, and floating
plants. You can even put a fountain right in the pond.  There’s
nothing like sitting in your yard with your eyes closed, listening to
the soothing sound of gently-splashing water. It just seems to take you
away from it all, doesn’t it?

Gardens can be functional, too

The functional aspects of your garden can be esthetically-pleasing,
too. You can now get decorative water sprinklers with a dragonfly or butterfly on top.  And garden structures don’t have to be big
and ugly. You can get garden sheds that look more like little guest houses, colorfully decorated with ivy and vines.  Outside the shed, you could put a garden bench, inviting someone to sit and take a deep breath of fresh air, fueled by the fragrance of blooming flowers.

You can do the same thing with your shade structures, too. You can
strategically place canopies around your garden, creating little rest
areas. Or you can get very creative with awnings, like attaching them to
your gazebo, or a trellis, where they can be rolled out as the sun
passes. Again, these are available in many attractive designs,
fulfilling their function, while still providing a pleasant view.

And how about a deck, to connect all that garden beauty to your
house. A deck can also be very functional, while still remaining
charming and stylish. And you can outfit your deck with some
great-looking teak patio furniture, and protect yourself from the sun
with a colorful awning that’ll match your house. Again, it can look good
and provide a purpose at the same time.

What a picture you’ve painted

That’s quite a picture you’ve painted in your mind, isn’t it? Well,
it doesn’t have to remain just a picture. You can turn it into reality
any time you want. There are some wonderful Garden Centers out there. There’s sure to be one in your
neighborhood. The people there are usually very knowledgeable and very
helpful. They can guide you through all the phases of creating your own
park in your own yard. They’ll help you find the best garden
decorations. They’ll show you the best garden furniture. They’ll help
you choose the best garden structures.

When you’re developing your garden, take the time to let your
creative juices flow. Come up with unique ideas that identify your
garden with you. Duplicate your personality in your garden.

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