Gifts: What do you give a couch potato?

So you know someone who likes to "veg out" in front of the TV and you're looking for a gift for him or her. There are three ways you could go with your gift idea.

Option 1: Get them something that fits right in with their couch potato persona.

You're not trying to change them, you just want to get them something they will enjoy. Well, there are no shortage of TV and movie gifts out there. You could choose a gift membership to (Canada) or Blockbuster Online (US), where they can rent unlimited DVDs every month for one price. Or get a snazzy universal remote control. They'll be in control from the comfort of their couch - how fitting! They'll enjoy their TV and movies more with a home theater system or a liquid crystal TV. Or how about converting them into a "chair potato" with a robotic leather massage recliner!

Option 2: Get them physically active.

Your couch potato can still watch TV while they exercise. Our favorite gift idea in this category is a portable mini cycle that you can use while still sitting on the couch (or at a desk, etc.). Best of both worlds! Similar to that (but not quite as "convenient") is a stair climber or side stepper. But they have to actually get off the couch for that.

Option 3: Get them out of the house.

This is, basically, contradictory to all that is dear to your couch potato. But it could be the best thing for them! Try getting them golf lessons, cooking classes, a tent and sleeping bag, or a weekend getaway. They might just like it!

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