Holiday Gifts Under $20 For Busy Families

HOLIDAY GIFTS UNDER $20: LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT GIFT FOR A BUSY FAMILY? THINKBIN HAS THE ANSWER Do you know a family whose kitchen counters are cluttered with appointment reminders, school notices and sports schedules? If so, the Thinkbin™ Wall Calendar enables families to get organized in five easy ways: •Cuts down on the number of “little slips of paper” with a large layout and plenty of room to write doctors appointments, after-school activities and weekend events
•Helps with family communication by providing one place where the entire family can see where everyone is going
•Lets you view your day chronologically by writing appointments in three sections – morning, afternoon and evening
•Includes space to record and organize frequently called phone numbers
•Features a “To Do” checklist and a “Reminder” section for each month The original, large size calendar (17" x 24" opened) features spacious daily blocks with extra lines for families who need more room to write. The NEW small size calendar (11.5" x 18" opened) features the same great layout in a more compact size to hang in smaller spaces. Calendars are $15 for the large size and $12 for the small size calendar. Shop online at or call 1-800-942-7715.

About the Author

Susan Anderson and Claudia Browne are the founders of Thinkbin, the company that produces the 17-month organizational calendar designed specifically for busy families with school-aged children. Dissatisfied with the lack of space in other calendars on the market, Anderson and Browne decided to create their own larger and more family-friendly version. Combining Anderson’s marketing background with Browne’s graphic design background, Thinkbin was born.

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