You need the right equipment and some lessons to start golfing.

Golf is a very popular leisure sport and is also played
professionally. Whether you want to make some money or just
have some fun, golf can be enjoyed by people of all ages and
all over the world.

What is the first thing you need to do?

Taking some lessons at your local country club or from a
local golf shop, is a good place to start, if youíre new to
the game. There are classes for people at all levels, but a
lot of them are designed just for beginners.

Private, or semi-private lessons are available if youíre
nervous or would be embarrassed in a group. Private lessons
are really the best option if youíll need a lot of
instruction, however.

When you go to play your first game or two, you should
choose a par 3, or small, golf course. This is because the
fees are cheaper and the course is smaller. So you wonít be
overwhelmed by having to play a large number of holes, in
the beginning.

Because the courses are smaller and not often used by
professional or serious golfers, these courses are more
attractive to new players who might be intimidated by more
experienced golfers.

What type of equipment is required?

A good set of clubs should be the first thing on a new
golferís equipment list. It is a good idea to rent clubs,
for the first while, so you can find out which makes and
models feel good to you. Some golf courses and country
clubs even have demonstration sets available in various new
styles and brands.

It is important that golf club fit you properly, so you
should visit an expert at your local golf shop. The expert
can examine your grip and swing and have the golf clubs
customized to fit you.

A golf glove, to help you with your grip and swing, should
be the next thing on your list. You can wear either one
glove, or two. It is entirely up to your personal tastes.

A well-made, sturdy golf bag is necessary as well.
Otherwise, youíll wonít have anything to carry your clubs
in. You may want to consider a bag with pockets to carry
your tees, balls, and other accessories.

Letís play golf.

While golf, for some, is a serious endeavor, the best part
about it is that itís a great way to spend some time with
family or friends and have some fun. So go get some
practice, and keep the game enjoyable. Charles Gadgcombe is the owner of Fern Golf Online , a premier resource for all your Golf needs. For more information, go to

Charles Gadgcombe