Google Adwords For Your Target Market

First, let me tell you where most Internet Marketers make their mistake. You log on to the Internet, do a little surfing, when all of a sudden, it hits you right in the face! The very product that you have been looking for, the perfect “product” as a matter of fact! You cannot use your paypal account fast enough, so you can start selling your “product” on the Internet like crazy!

Do you realize what you just did? You just combined two of the hardest industries there are to make money in, Internet Marketing and Gambling! That is exactly what you are doing by picking a product before you find out if people even want it.

A product is incapable of giving you money, only people can pay you and a “market” is made up of people. You must center your product around your market to be successful on the Internet.

So how do you uncover your target market? Easy, you just go to to use their keyword tool and type in what you want to search for and hit enter. It will tell you the most popular keywords for that particular word or phrase and it will also tell you how many people searched that word or phrase last month.

Typically, a good market will be between 40,000 to 100,000 searches for that particular month. Less than that may be a weak market, and more than that could be too competitive. To find out for sure use the overture bidding tool for a particular word or phrase, and look at the third bid, it should be at least .30 up to $2.00. Again, less than .30 could be weak and more than $2.00 could be too competitive.

With overture, you can be the highest bidder and get the first position, not too much guesswork involved there. Google Adwords is a different story, there is definitely some skill involved with this method.

However, with Google Adwords, you have the potential to bid as little as .05 and still be in first position! The problem is that most people do not want to take the time or put forth the effort to tweak out the perfect Google ad, myself included.

That is when I stumbled across a website which has an excellent course called, The Definitive Google Adwords Course. The basic course is very inexpensive at $49 considering all the information you get. If you want some audio thrown in, it is only $97, and if you want the deluxe with hard case cover, you will pay about $197.

Obviously, the best part about the course is that they tell you some of the secrets that are in the program. You can enter your first name and valid email address to get a free 5 day trial.
They give you just enough information to peak your curiosity. Hey, we all have to make a living, right?

Seriously, this is a great course, I personally bought the basic course, and I have already increased my website traffic by 20% within a week of reading the course. Not bad for a $49 investment, I have spent more than that buying visitors from traffic exchanges! Which you should never do, by the way.

Any and every business needs to have the knowledge that is in this course. The bottom line is, if you do not have traffic to your site, you do not produce income. So I highly recommend the Google Adwords Course.

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