Effects of Stress on Hair Loss and Prevention Measures

Physical well-being ensures a healthy scalp and normal, radiant hair. Physical and emotional stresses affect your hair and may even make it lifeless and dull. Your hair serves as a good indicator to show if you have a balanced body. Your hair may become waxy if the sebaceous gland becomes hyperactive. Factors like strong medication, illness, nutritional imbalances reflect quite early in your hair condition. Chemically treated hairs are more prone to adverse effects of cold tablets and over-the-counter allergy pills.

To keep your hair in good condition you have to keep stress under check. You have to identify the underlying cause of stress then only you can remove it. Do you know that stress in itself can be habit-forming? Thus, it may be triggered without your consciously thinking over it. Some of the common methods to deal with stress are -

•Dissociate yourself with the problem. Over involvement in a problematic situation does not yield any concrete result and causes you to suffer from excessive stress thereby affecting the condition of your hair.
•Physical activities as light exercises counteract stress and help you to keep away from it.
•When you relax letting your nerves ease, you can ward off the ill effects of stress. Sometimes, inadequate sleep stresses you unnecessarily. Thus, go for a sound sleep to keep off stress.
•Diet plays a major role in combating stress. A balanced diet containing essential nutrients, carbohydrates, fats and proteins is good to fight the onslaughts of stress. Besides, excessive intake of caffeine rich beverages often aggravates the problem of stress so it is better to take it within normal limits.
•Food rich in oil content also add up to your stress woes.

Thus, maintaining stress is vital in preventing abnormal hair loss and the various prevention measures may help you to ward it in a better way.

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