Doggone Adorable: Dog Halloween Costumes

Dogs love to have fun and now they can join in on the good times by wearing their own pet Halloween costume. Take a look at some of these great costumes available online. Most costumes come in small, medium, large, with some in X-tra large.

==> >> $9 - $19

Star Wars Characters: Darth Vader, Princess Leia, and Yoda – now your pooch can get in on all the light saber action of Star Wars. The Yoda outfit will have you yapping with laughter.

Zorro – he’s cool, dashing, and ready to save all the ladies in distress.

Wonder Woman – don’t mess with this lady, boys--she’ll use her superpowers to send you to the pound.

==> >> $11 - $16

Dracula – your dog will be a cute little blood sucker in this outfit, with its black and red cape, also includes authentic looking Dracula hair.

Frankenstein – other dogs will turn green with envy when they see your little monster strutting around in this outfit.

Pink Princess – she already knows she’s a princess, but she gets to show it off in this pretty pink dress and matching fairy tale hat.

==> >> $12

50s Poodle Skirt – she’ll be bopping around the clock in this adorable pink poodle skirt with black and white striped top.

Rock Star – this white glam jumpsuit will conjure up fond memories of the Elvis Vegas era--for cool dogs who love the limelight.

Superman – faster than a speeding car, able to leap tall fences in a single bound, look—it’s superdog!

==> / Pet Friendzy >> $8 - $15

Muscles Bound Hound – time to show eveyone that pumping iron isn’t just a human sport--costume comes with built in plush barbells.

Pup Royale – for dogs who are a step above the “common folk”--regal red cape with spotted trim--and of course, a hat to give it the crowning touch.

Lil’ Scarecrow – fresh out of the cornfield, this little outfit is sure to scare up some doggie treats.

==> >> $16 - $44

Bumble Bee – they’ll be buzzing about how cute your dog looks in this honey of an outfit.

Prisoner – your little rascal will be a model prisoner in this black and white homage to inmate couture.

Pirate – the scull and crossbones says it all—don’t mess with this sea going ruffian.

Lady Bug – you’re bound for some good luck with this cute little lady bug scampering about your home.

Cheer Leader – three cheers for this C. U. T. E. dog costume.

Football Player – sporty dogs will get a kick out of this fun outfit—throw him a doggie treat and watch him run for a touchdown.

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