Frugal Halloween Spider Candy Dish

Time to get ready for Halloween Fun! Here is a fun project for the kids, and best of all it's really affordable because you can use materials you have around the house. You can give them to your guest at Halloween parties or just display them in your home or office.

Adult supervision for this project is needed.

Here's what you need:

* 1 - tuna fish or cat food can (large or small size)
* Decrotive Halloween Wrapping paper or fabric scraps (Solid colors, or decrotive is fine)
* Craft Glue & tape
* Pipe cleaners (for the legs)
* Wrapped halloween candies or a small gift

Note: You may want to use a metal file to remove any metal shavings or sharp edges for safety precautions

Here's what you do:

Remove the label and wash can thurouley.

File down any sharp edges around the top of can.

Cover the can with fabric or paper and spot glue around entire can. and glue fabric/paper at top down inside the edge portion of the can.

Cut pipe cleaners in half at even lengths (however long you want the legs) and glue or tape to each side to make legs (Four or Five on each side).

Make bends in the legs, Make a small bend at the top of the leg, then make even a smaller bend at the bottom part of the leg.

This next part is where your imagination needs to come into play.

You can draw, paint, use construction paper or other objects around the house to make the eyes and mouth of the spider.

You can purchase the funny moveable eyes at the craft stores, or you can even use small buttons you may have around the house.

Whatever you do, be creative!

Next is the easy part.

Simply fill the Halloween Spider candy dish with your favorite wrapped candies, or small toy prizes/gifts.

That's It!

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