Great Games For Your Halloween Party

If you’re having a Halloween party you need to play some games! Whether it’s to fill the time before the food is ready or to keep the kids occupied before their parents collect them, here are some ghoulish games to play.

1) Pin the Wart on the Witch’s Nose: Draw or photocopy up a big picture of a witch; get lumps of green play-dough, blindfold each child and let them put a green wart on the witch’s face.

2) Apple bobbing is the traditional Halloween game. Float apples in a bowl of water, each player must try to get an apple with their teeth while their hands are held behind their backs. (This can get messy)

3) Traditionally on Halloween night, if you peel an apple and throw the skin over your shoulder and it will form the initial of the person you are to marry. You could peel the child’s apple once bobbed and see if it resembles a letter.

4) Another variation is to hang the apples on string and the players have to eat the apple again without touching it. Problem: Unless you grow your own apples they rarely have stalks still attached. You could try this game with ring doughnuts, bagels or ring biscuits.

5) Musical Zombies: Find some suitable Halloween Music - Saint-Saens’ ‘Danse Macabre’ goes down well with children, but if the kids are a bit young you could use ‘Fossils’ from his ‘Carnival of the Animals’ - and play this version of musical statues. Instead of dancing the kids pretend to be zombies then stand still when the music stops.

6) Wrap the Mummy: Tear up strips of an old sheet and see who can wrap up their friend the fastest.

7) Sleeping vampires: Quieten things down with this version of sleeping lions, they all have to lie silently in the crypt; the one who stays still the longest is the winner.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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Jacqui O'Brien