Control of kidney stones with herbs and diet

Question : I AM a diabetic aged 63. Recently, I had severe backache and a K.U.B. x-ray showed stones in the urethra/bladder area. Is there any herbal remedy to get rid of these stones?

Answer : BLADDER stones, or urinary bladder calculi comprises calcium oxalate or calcium phosphate crystals. In a small percentage of cases, uric acid or cystine crystals may be present. Small ones may be passed without symptoms, but a large stone can cause excruciating pain in the lower back, abdomen or pubic area, as well as blood in the urine and a sudden interruption in urinary flow.

Herbalists recommend a tea made from uva ursi (bearberry) leaves to treat bladder stones and other urinary disorders. Other herbal remedies include teas made from goldenrod, watermelon seeds or marshmallow roots.

Increase water intake to more than three litres in the day. Drink water even at night before going to bed. Avoid cola drinks. Deficiency of B6 and potassium leads to stone formation, hence eating foods such as barley, potatoes, wheat flour, cauliflower and banana may be helpful. Avoid foods high in oxalic acid such as tomatoes, wheatgerm, spinach, carrots, peas, beef, strawberries, raspberries, almonds, cashew nuts, and chocolates.

Salt intake should be restricted. Avoid sodium-rich foods such as pickles, tamarind etc. Sugar is to be restricted. Eat high fibre foods such as sweet corn, fruits and vegetables. Avoid meat and consume more vegetarian proteins as they make the urine alkaline. Avoid alcohol tea, cocoa and caffeine.

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