3 Tips That Will Help You Score More Goals in Ice Hockey – Part Two

This article is continued from “3 Tips That Will Help You Score More Goals in Ice Hockey – Part One”.

Assuming that you have set your hockey goals for the season, here are three easy tips you can implement to score more frequently:

1.Shoot the puck every time you get a chance.

Just look at the statistics for hockey’s greatest goal scorer. These guys are often the guys that have the most shoots on goal every season. They know that you have to shoot the puck often in order to score and the chance doesn’t have to be that good.

Simply fire that puck as often as you can.

Wayne Gretzky once said:

”You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

Think about how true that is.

You will probably be surprised when you find out that not many players have as many as five shots on net a game. Very often every fifth shot you take will be a goal.

2.Always drive the net for rebounds.

Many goals are being scored on rebounds in ice hockey. Drive the net every time you see a teammate take a shoot, love the traffic in front of the goalie and put that puck in the net.

3.Always try to score at practice.

It is at practice you will grow custom to good or bad habits. The choice is yours.

Go that extra mile and always try to score on every shoot, every time you are on the ice. Payoff will come to those who deserve it.

You do want to become a goal scorer, don’t you?

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