5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Ice Hockey Game

Are you an ice hockey playing teenager that dreams about one day making it all the way to the National Hockey League? Do you want to become the next superstar in ice hockey?

My guess is that your answer is yes to both of the above questions (at least if you are an ice hockey playing teenager).

Now it is time for the next questions.

Do you currently feel that you are on the right track for a successful NHL career? Are you doing all the right things in order to become a world class athlete?

Actually I am no longer so sure that your answer is yes to these questions as I was on the first ones.

But do not worry, just keep reading and I will give you a few basic pointers to help you a little along the way.

I never made it to the NHL myself and I whish now that I knew back then what I know now. Maybe I wouldn’t have made it all the way, but I most likely would have come closer.

Here are five pointers that every young ice hockey player should be implementing:

1. Always be careful with what you eat.

Stick with low fat food and lots of pasta. This will help your engine run for sixty minutes.

2. Get a good night sleep every night.

This will help you body recover from practice and games.

3. Stay away from alcohol and other drug.

You already knew this one, I know. It was merely a reminder.

4. Focus every time you are out in the ice.

Tomorrow is new day. Make sure you make the most out of today’s practice or game. If you do not catch the moment now you will soon be too old to play the game of ice hockey.

5. Improve your mental strength.

Many wise men say that any sport is ninety percent mental and ten percent physics. I do not know if this is true, but why take any chances. There are many good books to read on the subject.

Ice hockey is a complicated game and I will not promise you success, but you will be heading the correct path when you implement the above five steps.

Make every day and every shift count out on the ice. There will be rewards.

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Johnny McKenzie