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Hockey Budget Dot Com is a new site, which brings to you a number of hockey equipment suppliers in one menu. We picked out the top hockey suppliers on the web, from which you can pick and choose your hockey equipment.

Letís face it, hockey equipment is not cheap, and not everyone can afford to go to the local retail store or buy the first thing they see. League registration fees, constant equipment maintenance and new equipment can add up very quickly. Not to mention those who are just staring out and need brand new gear from head to toe. And not everyone has a sponsor. Most hockey players are weekend warriors who play just for fun.

Our easily accessible menu is simple to navigate. Our menu makes it easy to move from one supplier to the next, to compare prices, see what each competitor is doing and make your decision. Saving both time and money.

Another addition to our site is our hockey equipment forum. Before you buy, ask others how certain equipment performs on the ice. The forum is also created for equipment trade, reviews, NHL talk and other.

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