How NHL and NHLPA Raise Money For Cancer Reserach

There's a difference between a fight and a fight, both in hockey and in real life.

The NHL and the NHLPA have joined forces and founded the Hockey Fights Cancer organization and they have been able to raise more than $6.5 millions to cancer research organizations.

Cancer develops when cells begin to grow out of control and although there are many kinds of cancer, they all have in common that they start because of the growth of abnormal cells.

Even though the numbers of cancer cases expect to double in next 50 years, the cancer death rates are declining thanks to fundraising and research.

Hopefully the Hockey Fights Cancer organization can contribute to the even more to the declining.

In the National Hockey League all team captains join the fight against cancer during games played between January 9-11 2004.

Every captain wear a special team jersey featuring a Hockey Fights Cancer patch to underscore their pledge to fight cancer.

After the games, each captain signs his autograph on the game-worn jersey and it is donated to the Hockey Fights Cancer On-Line Charity Auction, as a force for good.

The auction have many different items you can bid on and at the same time you support the cancer research.

Without research even more people would have lost their life to this common disease.

Hockey Fights Cancer is a force for good.

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Johnny McKenzie