Zamboni Creates Magic at Hockey Games to the Disappointment of Parents

Frank Zamboni created the world’s first ice resurfacing machine in the 1940’s and today Zamboni is the official ice resurfacing machine of the NHL as well as a magic saga.

For some reason the Zamboni often are more interesting to young kids than the actual NHL they are watching.

Many are the parents who have bought expensive tickets to let their kids experience a NHL game just to find out that the kids find it more interesting to watch the Zamboni out on the ice during the intermissions.

This must be very frustrating for a hockey loving dad who wants to get a cup of coffee between periods to stand and watch the Zamboni instead.

I actually remember one of the very first ice hockey games my dad brought me too. He met some old friends he hadn’t seen in quite a while and they agreed to have a chat during the first intermission.

My dad never got to talk ice hockey with his old friends that night because I didn’t leave my seat during the first break. I just sat there and watched the Zamboni refresh the ice as if the machine was the greatest hero in the world.

When the second break came I agreed to leave real short for some popcorn and dad was all happy to see his pals. His excitement soon disappeared when we couldn’t find them and we returned to our seats for the third period.

Now I am a hockey loving dad myself and maybe one day I will have the same trouble with my kid as dad had with me.

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Johnny McKenzie