Avoid Getting Ripped Off By A Hosting Company...

Chances are if you host multiple domains or websites you are spending too much money at your current hosting provider. Other hosting companies increase their profits by forcing you to create an additional hosting account every time you want to host a new domain or website. Letís say you have five (5) websites and they each cost you $10.00 a month. It is obvious you are spending $50 a month to host those five (5) websites, but did you know that you are getting ripped off?

Hosting companies are smart and they take full advantage of you. If youíre an existing customer and theyíve got you hooked, they know youíll spend an additional $10 a month to host an additional website. What they donít tell you is they are ripping you off. Not only are you spending too much, but arenít you tired of having to signup for a new account every time you want to host an additional website or domain? Arenít you tired of having to keep up with login information for multiple accounts? And above all, why are you spending an additional $5, $10 and even $20 or more a month just to host an additional website?

You should be spending your time growing your business, not having to administer multiple accounts. You should be saving your money to foster the growth of your company. And you should know youíre getting a good deal with your hosting provider, not getting ripped off.

You can easily avoid getting ripped off by a hosting companyÖ

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Dave Young is the President/CEO of GP-Host, a division of Gluepoint, LLC. GP-Host provides multiple domain hosting entrepreneurs and business owners.

Dave Young