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Are you an opportunity seeker? Do you chase those internet opportunities that promise you that you can make $10,000. a month or more in less than 3 months? Well if you are then wake up, because they are scams. You will never make $10,000. or more a month in less than 3 months on the internet. Yes it is possible to make that much, and more on the internet, but it takes time.

You have to build and grow your business. It?s not just about putting up a web site, or using a replicated web site and promoting it to free classified ad sites and FFA pages. Which for the most part I find to be a waste of time and energy.
You can promote your site more effectively by writing ezines or articles. If you are not a writer, or don?t think that you can write an article or ezine there are a lot of people who will let you use their articles for free. All you have to do is include the author?s byline. As a matter of fact, you can use this article for free. Just include my byline that is at the bottom of this article.

Another way of growing your internet business is by giving your web site functionality. What I mean is give your visitors a reason to return to your site. Put a message board on your site so visitors can interact with you and other visitors. Create a community atmosphere so visitors are likely to return.

The best business building method that you need to have in place is a way to capture data from your visitors. You need to be able to capture your visitors name and email address. Make sure you have a form on your web site to do this. Offer your visitors free information, reports, or courses in exchange for their name and email address. With this method you are building yourself an opt-in email list of people that you can contact later.

You can follow up with them and announce new products on your site. You can send them your ezines or articles and build a relationship with people that you will be able to sell to over and over again. Just be sure to include an option for them to be able to remove themselves from your list. And if they request to be removed, remove them.

You can also build your internet business by participating in joint ventures. Joint ventures can be an extremely lucrative way to build your business. You can learn more about joint ventures by getting a free copy of Terry Dean?s 101 High Profit Businesses You Can Start Online With Little or No Money. If you want your free copy of Terry?s book send an email to and the link to download his book will be emailed to you.

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