How To Invest In Offshore Or Internet Programs

My financial objective is to quadruple my money every year. To do so, the programs I participate in should be able to produce, on average, at least a 100% quarterly growth rate. To accompish these goals,

Learn about financial instruments that produce high yields,
Learn how to participate in high yield investment programs,
Make higher than average yields on my money over a long-term basis, and, Learn about and participate in asset protection programs.
New to offshore high yield investing programs (HYIP)? Or just want to learn more about offshore banking, online investing, trading programs. Maybe your looking for tax havens, or more asset protection. Keep reading we might just be a little help in your investing needs.

Foghorn's Enlightening Tips!
(1) Set an exact amount of money that you are willing to lose. No matter
what comes along, don't go back to the bank. Whatever the maximum
amount is that you are willing to
lose, only spend one-half that amount to start and wait for some
money before you spend any more.

(2) Start with programs that have been
paying for a while. Check the
rumour mill to see if they are experiencing any paying problems. If
there's the slightest hint of trouble, find something else. Even if there really isn't a problem, the rumour mill can
create one.

(3) "Don't spend it
all on one place. Don't put
all your money in one type of program. Pick a couple of different
types of programs (loan,
trading, network marketing - with nominal sponsoring). Pick different
payment time frames,
weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.

(4) If the program is promising a return in less than 7 days, pass it by. It's rare that an investment based on a financial instrument
can AVERAGE enough in a
week to pay 100%. It is probably some type of ponzi or
pyramid scam!

(5) If the program
description says that it needs lots of people to join, so refer as many as you can, or, you
need to spend every day of the
week to keep things going, find another program.

(6) Spend the minimum going into a
new program where no one has EVER been paid. You may NEVER get

(7) So you think maybe you found a winner? Is it offshore? Any program can be working, be paying and running like a smooth clock. If the money is in the states, where it can be ceased by inquiring minds, it's in big jeopardy. How long do they need to keep your money before your principal is returned? That's how long you are at risk of loosing it.

(8) How many members are there? 5,000, 10,000, more? That's a sure bet that the books are open to the public? The more people there are in the program, the more danger that it is being watched and there's someone waiting for an opportunity to close it down. The more people, the longer it will take to get your money to you, and of course, the faster your government gets into the action.

(9) Every failure can become a positive learning experience. Think about this, 90% of the programs promising 50% a week fail in a short period of time, and then one comes along promising 200% a week, what are the chances of success? Right!!

(10) We have been in programs that produce returns of 100 - 300% per month over time. The hard part, knowing someone that is in contact with those who are in the know. You know! These types of programs are kept quite. You won't get much if any information because of non-disclosure agreements, unless your are putting up ,000s. When you find one of these golden eggs, guard the Secret!

(11) If you do not have a plan that includes discipline & patience...You won't have the money when you come upon that once in a life time opportunity!

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