How to Succeed -- on Internet or Elsewhere!

Success stories and success books are all over. If you read business magazines,
browse through some classified ads or read emails from internet marketers, there is a
deluge of stories of people getting rich on the Internet. Some of these "fortunate" ones
even start counseling millions of individuals, guiding them to attain success -- mostly for
a fee, of course.

Surely, most people want to succeed. Who does not like to be comfortable? If given a
chance, who would not prefer to live in an attractive home, eat appetizing meals, buy a
car, take a trip around the world, own a home-theater stereo set, and have whatever your
heart desires? Okay, then, if everybody wants to succeed, why is it that not everybody
can make it?

Here are some principles to attain success, both on and off the Internet:

1. Have the desire to win! If you don’t have the desire to win, you will leave a lot of
things to chance. In sports, the gold medals goes to the competitors whose only motive
in competing is to win. They give it everything they’ve got. They compete to the last drop
of their blood. If you don't want to win, if you are not willing to try, then just forget the
whole thing. Same with the Internet business. To be a winner, you have to have the will
to win. But in order to win, you first have to enter the competition.

2. Think success. Always think of yourself achieving what you want. Your traffic at the
moment may be slow, but persevere and believe that the day will come when you need
to increase your bandwidth due to the overwhelming traffic of your web site. Never start
by giving up. Remember Bugsy?

3. Know what people want. Ask yourself what you can provide that someone wants, that
millions of people want. Ask yourself what is the current need or objective or personal
ambition of the person who logs on to your website. Engage your customers to your
website, by giving them what they need.

4. Develop an idea that fits. Shape your offering to what people want. It doesn't have to
be a new thing. It may be something that someone else has already developed into a
success -- but which you are able to take to the higher level.

5. Plan thoroughly. Study every detail of the market you're entering. Study your
prospects. Study your competitors. If you're starting a business, get a snob
address--even if the office itself is a hole-in-the-wall. If you do not have a lot of money,
create a strong bank reference; borrow from your aunt if you have to. You needn't spend
her money. Just have it under your name so you'll look good when your first prospect
asks your bank about you. Have a prestigious law firm lined up to serve you. You won't
have to pay them till you're doing business and actually using their services. Prepare a
complete, clear, attractive, dramatic presentation of your idea to show your prospects.

6. Apply the law of averages. Believe in the law of probability. It isn't a myth or a
superstition. It is a mathematical phenomenon. If you have a good idea and you present
it to enough of the right people, sooner or later someone will buy. So knock on doors.
Market your products relentlessly. Link with similar websites. Continue submitting your
site to search engines and engage in promotional activities. Brush off the rejections and
keep knocking on more doors. On the Internet, your prospects or partners are just an
email away.

7. Be a winner in advance. Talk success. Look successful; dress the part. Make your
website look as professional as possible, as if you spent $100,000 creating it. Tell your
prospect how your idea will bring him success; make sure that your copy jumps right
out of the pages. Let your words show that you sincerely expect that success will come
to him to; or that he or she utterly needs your product or service. Suddenly he--or
somebody like him--will say yes. And you will be a winner.

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