How to Survive Killer A.I.D.S. On the Internet

No apology for writing this ... it is an imperative duty under
present conditions.

by Dr. Douglas P. Blackthrone

Though easier and perhaps far better, not to begin at all, yet if
a beginning is made it is there that most care is needed.
Everything is inherent in a genesis. So I will record the simple
genesis of this affair as a modern day observation of life as it
has become … infected with A.I.D.S.

It is customary, I have noticed, in publishing any thoughts to
conclude it with some sort of apology; in the form of a
disclaimer or statement of no account-ability.

But there are times, and surely present-day is one of them, when
to do so is manifestly unnecessary.

In an age as we watch:

*** every standard of decent conduct, business and life itself
having either been torn down or threatened with destruction;

*** when married men and women, the heads of households, prefer
to allow their kid's hero to have magical powers rather then good
common sense, intelligence and thought;

*** when quite young girls with deep personal problems are
showcased as teen role models and even, I am assured,

sometimes young boys as well;

*** when mature women, the mothers of these unhappy children,
enter the race for the all mighty dollars and cents - instead of
nurture their offspring and family;

*** and when every newspaper, TV and computer screen is daily
reporting scenes of violence, divorce, parents on strike and be
something your not with no effort;

- - - Then it is obviously a task, not to be justifiably avoided,
to place some higher example before the world.

For some time - I am now mid-forties – have I been sensing this
with increasing urgency. And when not only my wife and four
co-workers, but 3 fellow business associates, approached me with
like suggestions, I felt that delay would amount to wrongness.

That wrongness, by many persons, is now lightly regarded, I am,
of course, only too well aware. That its very existence is denied
or easily dismissed by others is a fact equally familiar. But I
am not one of them. On every ground I am an unflinching opponent
of wrongness. I continually redirected it in others. I strictly
attempt to refrain from it in myself. And for that reason alone I
have deemed it incumbent upon me to issue these thoughts and

The wrongness of which I speak is the growing misrepresentation
of business entrepreneurial thought, action and ultimately
account-ability. Wrongness not from the point of view of mistakes
being made from time to time, but wrongness in the form people
attempting to do things they have no experience, idea or
knowledge of what they are doing.

A modern day epidemic I deem as Internet A.I.D.S. for the basic
fact that as our modern day Internet allow faster, more wide
spread and anonymous business growth. Any one who can copy an
e-mail, follow the herd mentality of an affiliate program or put
up a website while being paid for their time at another’s place
of business … can deem themselves an entrepreneur with little or
no account-ability to themselves or any one else in doing so.

They can easily be here today collecting dollars and cents from
other like minded entrepreneurs and gone tomorrow without a trace
or business entity that must stand account-able for actions
and/or business transactions.

Although it is quite true that this world will always have those
who wish to buy and those who wish to sell products, services and
knowledge. The worldly realities known to us as marketing and
advertising will not disappear or be concluded any time soon.

Thus one of the most effective and powerful formulas and tools of
use in that realm of business will continue to be A.I.D.A. as
Attention – Interest – Desire – Action. Unfortunately in today’s
world the “Action” factor of this formula has been replaced by a
deep degree of wrongness through very simple self imposed cases
of “Senselessness.”

Coupling this “Senselessness” with quick appearances and
disappearances of businesses to the continuing growth of the
misrepresentation of true entrepreneurial thoughts and actions
has today, in my observation, given the Internet A.I.D.S. as
Attention – Interest – Desire – Senselessness.

Internet A.I.D.S. is costing common day consumers and business
people both more dollars and cents than any prepared and achieved
Internet Scam.

I have personally spoken with people who have contracted Internet
A.I.D.S. who have run up tens of thousands of dollars of credit
card debit to achieve monthly twenty to thirty dollar paychecks.

I have also interacted with others who have paid high
consultation fees to marketing gurus for joint ventures and
ultimate hypnotic and e-mail advertising campaigns, for the
achievements of a couple of thousand dollars of income through
those efforts.

These factors of “Senselessness” are wide spread, costly and

destroying hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people’s

dreams of entrepreneurial achievement daily around this world.

Have you contracted a case of Internet A.I.D.S.? How do you
survive it? Only one time tested and proven method of surviving
Internet A.I.D.S. is currently known to me; The 3 – Rules for
Happier Success exclusively available in the book “Stop Being An
Ant With Grasshopper Mind.”

Thus I can now conclude my presentation of a higher example to
this world and perhaps, in the process, cure many cases of
Internet A.I.D.S. for others in need of these cures.

Most cordially,

Dr. Douglas P. Blackthrone, Team Leader

G.E.E.P’s Roundtable Management Team at:

About the Author

Douglas P. Blackthrone is an author, consultant and the creator of The 3 – Rules for Happier Success exclusively available in the book
“Stop Being An Ant With Grasshopper Mind.”

In his 25 page book, Blackthrone shows how proven systems coupled with information-geocentric emotional triggers lead to significant growth in self-enhancement, success and joy of living.

Douglas P. Blackthrone