Internet Success Recipe

Thousands of people are attracted to the internet each day
in hopes of starting an online business. The internet offers
a channel of opportunity for anyone motivated to start a
business of their own and the opportunities are almost

For anyone that has created a successful business online or
attempted an online business they know, better than anyone,
that jumping on the internet, creating a website and trying
to make sales does not constitute success. There are some
key ingredients that will increase your chances for success.

Honest Sincere Passion

It's really not enough to hate your day job or your boss
or your traffic commute. You must have the personal drive
to put your talents and expertise to work for you! There
must be an inner passion that pushes you to success and
gives you the patience to keep on truckin', so to speak
and not give up.

Creating your own business means you must be willing to
make sacrifices for the greater good. Nothing worthwhile
was achieved without time and sacrifice and you must be
prepared to recognize that.

A common reason why people end up back at their day jobs
giving up the goal of business ownership is that the
sacrifice was too great. Starting a business was too much
work, took too much time and left too little money for fun.
Those things cannot stand in your way. If they do then keep
up the day job, it's easier.

Professional Website

To do business on the web you must begin with a website.
This is your storefront, it's your introduction to the
world. It tells people who you are, what you are about
and what you have to offer.

Your website should be simple and make a positive
impression. It should be easy to understand and navigate.
Use appealing colors and fonts. Don't use a lot of flashy
graphics or popups.

Make ordering off your site as simple and easy to understand
as possible. Be obvious about all product and shipping costs.
Highlight the benefits to your readers and display a call to

Compelling Content

Develop content that compels your viewers to buy. Learn to
appeal to their emotions. Making more money, saving time,
losing weight or making tasks easier all encourage
readership and sales. It really doesn't matter what you
are selling as long at it can convey how it will help your
viewers and is targeting the right audience.

Understand who your readers are and what they would most
be interested in reading. Find out what their key interest
are and choose content that addresses those interests.

Targeted Audience

You must get your website and sales offers in front of the
people most interested in your product or service. Pay per
click advertising is the ideal way to reach your target
audience. If you do classified advertising select only
publications that are associated with your topic. If you
sell weight loss products you don't want to advertise in
a real estate publication.

Opt-in Email List

It's imperative that you obtain an opt-in email list that
you can communicate with on a consistent basis. It's common
knowledge that viewers need at least an average of seven
exposures to a product before they buy. Getting your product
in front of your viewers on a regular basis means increased
revenue for you. It also allows you to make special offers,
provide useful information and build credibility.

Develop Trust and Credibility

This is key to obtaining sales and repeat visitors. Your
viewers must feel that you are trustworthy and know what
you are talking about. Product reviews are a great way of
developing trust. If you've developed a website for example,
write about your experiences and what you recommend. Write
reviews on e-books you've read or tools you have used. When
doing so be sure to highlight the negatives as well as the

Always include an 'about me' page. Be honest about how your
started your business and how you ended up where you are
today. Share your feelings and emotions. If you don't
recommend something be sure to explain why not.

Offer something free on your site develops trust as well.
E-books make great free tools. Offer free coupons if you
have them. Create a sense of offering. Express that your
website is there to help and educate your readers. Don't
ever place emphasis on yourself. Be empathetic to your
viewers by putting yourself in their shoes and understand
their needs.

Always include a 'privacy policy' page. Your viewers need
to be reassured that their privacy is your utmost concern.
Don't ever sell or share anyone's email address. If you
collect IP addresses explain what you use them for. If you
collect email addresses assure your readers that they may
opt-out at any time.

Invite your readers to communicate with you by also including
your email, your business name, address and phone.

Superb Product Delivery

Nothing turns a visitor away faster than confusion in the
ordering process. Keep your order process easy and simple.
Be up front about all costs including shipping costs.

If you state a product will be delivered within seven to ten
days try to get it to them in five. People love it when you
can beat their expectations.

Follow up with a client after delivery. Make sure they've
received their product and if there is anything further you
can do for them.

About the Author

Elizabeth McGee has spent 20 years in the service and support industry.
She has moved her expertise to the world wide web helping businesses
find trusted tools, enhance customer service, build confidence and
increase sales. You can contact Elizabeth at: or visit her website at:

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