Let The Ads Go ...... And Keep The Internet Contents Cheap and Free

As we all know internet media is where we can find cheap and even free products, services and contents. If we have to buy these products from anywhere else then we may have to pay a lot more than on the internet.

There are couple of reasons why we are able to buy and enjoy cheap and free contents on the internet. How can these internet businesses provide cheap or free services? Even if they are investing a lot of money and resources to establish their business, especially small business owners are struggling to compete with bigger entrepreneurs.

If we carefully analyze what is involved to be an online entrepreneur? The answer is very simple, ie.

1) Money
2) Continous Research
3) A lots of time and hard work
4) Continous struggle to provide good services.

Now the question is, if they are providing cheap and free services then how can they get back their investment. The answer is their biggest resource for revenue is "ADVERTISING". The majority of online businesses get revenue with advertisers. These companies or online businesses sell advertising space and get revenue and are able to provide free and cheap services or contents.

Blocking Ads Is a Bad Idea .... Would You Like Your Paid Ads To Be Blocked:

These days there are various methods and softwares available to block or kill these ads. Blocking ads is really not a good idea. This will discourage sponsors or advertisers not to spend on advertising. Now think about it, if you pay somebody to advertise your product or services and other people try to block or they do not want to see your ad then wouldn't it be disappointing for you. Would you pay again for advertisement?

What Will Happen if Advertisers Stop Spending Money on online Advertising:

When advertisers or sponsors do not get results or a good response, they will stop paying for advertisement. In result entrepreneur or business owners will not be able to give away or sell cheap their contents (Products and services) any more. This will cost us huge amounts of money and we will not be able to get free and cheap contents, which we at the moment getting because of these advertisers or sponsors.

We know nobody likes to receive or want to see a lots of popups, banners ads when they surf the net. If we would not wish to see these ads then at least we can give them respect. After all we would want people to read our paid ads and not block them without giving them a chance. Blocking ads is bad for everyone.

Let the ads go ........ and keep the internet contents cheap and free.

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