Make Your Own Internet Money Machine has a good reputations and testimonials. Many have been paid instantly upon payment. All you have to do is run surf4spots on your PC for less than one hour each day. When you use surf4spots, the websites will appear automatically in the browser window, and will not interfere with your work. It's easy to surf 100 websites or more with surf4spots. All it takes is from 20 minutes to an hour per day, depending on your computer. Plus, you can promote your website(s) or referall links, because other members will be looking at your website(s) at the same time. You get all this for free! Members have already been paid tens of thousands of dollars in earnings. Join in now! You get $10 to start and you get paid 1% of the moey in your account everyday. You can make over 3k a month. $100=$1 a day $1000=$10 day You get 1% of the money in your account everyday.

If none of this makes sense to you, then read this, it takes 5 minutes and it's well worth it:

What is Studio Traffic and how do I make money for it?

First off, Studio Traffic is an autosurf site. This means Studio Traffic will pay you to have their partners' sites load in a separate window. The best part is, you don't even have to look at the sites. The sites will change every 15 seconds and when they do, you will get credit for surfing 1 site. After you get credit for surfing 100 sites, this will happen in roughly 25 minutes, you will be paid for a days work. While you are autosurfing, you can just minimize the window, and continue doing what you usually do on the Internet. During this 25 minutes, I usually walk my dog or do the laundry.

How much money can I make?

The great part about Studio Traffic is that you decide how much you make! Every day that you autosurf 100 sites, you will make 1 percent of your investment. So let's say you invested $100, you will make $1 everyday and $30 every month. In 4 months you would have made $120 and would have made back your investment. In a year, you will make 365% of your investment back. So if you invested $1000, you would have made $3650 back!

Now, here is where even more money is made. You get 10% of all the money that people who you brought to the site invest. So let's say you invested no money, but you brought 10 people to the site. Now these ten people invested $100 each the first month. You will get $200! They love the system, so the next month, they decide to invest $1000. You will make $2000. Now let's say you took the $2200 you made from those 10 people and invested it into your account. You will now make $22 a day, and $666 a month.

You can compound your earnings to make more money. This means if you invested $100 the first month then you will make $30. BUT, sense you compounded your earnings, this $30 is added on to your $100 investment giving you a $130 investment for the next month. The next month you will make $40 and this will be added to the $130 and give you $170. By the 12th month you should have $1,060 invested.

What's all out investing?

About 30 percent of people on Studio Traffic do all out investing. It is investing $10,000 into one account and getting $36,500 at the end of the year. One person has about 8 accounts with $10,000 invested in it, and makes about $300,000 yearly.

The rules are: The maximum you can invest is $10,000. You are allowed multiple accounts, only if you used different email addresses to sign up.

Here are some more common questions

How does the site make money and how do I know they will pay me?

They are like the Google of autosurf. They get paid lots of money by advertising. Also they have about 6 accountants who manage the funds. When people upgrade, that pays for people who withdraw money.. So by setting a cap on how many people can upgrade and how many people can withdraw a month, they can ensure that you will get paid.

The site has a few sister sites:

StudioPay: (It's a PayPal type of site, most members use this site to add the money they made into a bank account.)

Studiowalker: Sells the famous "online business in a box."

All the commissions from these sites are put in an emergency pool which will be used to pay members if anything bad happens. So far this pool has enough to pay all its members for 7 months! So if the Internet shut down for 7 months, everyone would still get paid!

Can I have some proof?

Here is their proof forum.

Okay I am convinced, how do I sign up?

Sign Up Using This Link:

I am still not convinced, can you further prove the system?

Sure can! Sign up for yourself, you will get a free $10. Use this to autosurf and you will get 1% daily.

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