Reduce the Cost of Your Jewelry

You probably feel that to cut the cost of your jewelry you must give up some beauty, not always true. Let’s say for instance that you have found a necklace that really is appealing but the cost is a bit more than your budget will allow. There are a few options that you can investigate with this particular necklace rather than just giving up on the jewelry or even more dangerous, spending more than you had planned. This approach requires a little work on your part but can pay off immediately. As an added benefit the principles here may not only help you get jewelry that is outside of your budget but could also reduce the cost of jewelry that you may be prepared to purchase, now wouldn’t that be something to brag about! Obviously the objective is to save you money on the jewelry that you wish to purchase. It is possible to achieve your objective and the benefits to this method are that you spend less and you receive jewelry that is more attractive than you could have ever wished. The trick, and it’s not a hard one, is to find a designer that is willing to work with you. Using these methods you can prioritize the most important aspects, prioritize the least important aspects, suggest possible replacements for less important aspects, and offer a possible wish list if your designer can save enough to include items you would like to see. I have included a short catalog for your convenience that will transform these methods into actions; you can modify the procedures to whatever fits in your comfort zone.

Create Your List

Your first course of action is to write down the “critical” components / characteristics that attracted you to this particular piece of jewelry.
Next you will want to write down all the components / characteristics you notice that are “less critical”.
You can, but it’s not required, suggest replacements to the areas that are not as critical or perhaps areas where the attractiveness won’t be diminished if a less costly item is replaced where a more costly item exists. Keep your budget in mind and remember this is all according to your preferences with or without input from anyone else
Finally, include a wish list, you must keep your budget in mind but here is an area where you can include components / characteristics or a pattern that may be possible and would increase your appreciation of the jewelry.
Check your work. It is very important to review you work up to this point, look at your list and make updates if needed. Be honest and realistic for the best results.
All the hard work is now completed; it’s time to have some fun. Create a list combining all the information you’ve prioritized. I have included an example with sample information for your review.

Name of Jewelry Piece
A – Description
B – Description
C – Description
“Less Critical” – (Replace?)
Clasp – (Same size, less costly)
Silver Beads – (Less number)
Chain – (Remove)
Charms – (Install type – smaller)
Wish List
Swarovski Crystals
More spacers

You should include some text below your list to go into more detail, and you can modify your list as needed to get your point across. Don’t forget it’s alright to leave a cell blank or to put in a “?” if you have no preference. The purpose of this list is to prioritize the “critical” and the “less critical” aspects that you find appealing, this is very important in order to provide the designer with the information needed to create an item that will satisfy all or as many of your wants as possible.

Use of Your List

Email the particular designer and let them know that you love their piece but you would like to save money if at all possible. Inform the designer that you have created a list that they may use to help you achieve your objectives. Be honest and tell the designer the amount you feel comfortable spending if they can create a plan that you can approve. Take into account that this is as much about building a lasting relationship as any other objective.
More than likely you will receive a positive response, designer just love to know what their customers like to see.
Send your list only if requested, you are half way there. You have successfully started a professional dialogue and any designer will try to earn your business, within reason. Keep in mind that most good designers will refuse to use certain materials; this is a good quality and helps the designer to establish a certain quality.
If things work as you have hoped you will be instructed as to how the designer would like to proceed. Be prepared to send the full price for the item before it is actually created but know that it was your suggestions that have guided the design of an item that you can take special pride in wearing or giving as a special gift.

If your designer cannot help you, which should only be the case if you have asked for too much and indicated a price that is too small, you still have options at your disposal. Look at your list and you will discover that it also has excellent keyword phrases in order of importance that you can use in your favorite search. If you use this option consider too that you already have a list, and maybe with just a little editing (or not), you can start the process over until you find a designer that can make you happy.

Best of luck, you can find that special piece of jewelry that really speaks to you. And always remember “ask and ye shall receive.”

About the Author

Kathleen Badeaux is the designer and owner of Designs by Kath (, her pieces always consider style, fashion and beauty! She can be reached at

Kathleen Badeaux