Wholesale Jewelry Trade Secrets #1

The #1 trade secret that jewelry stores donít want you to know is that the
weight of the gold in gold jewelry makes up the majority of its cost.
This rule applies to all precious metal jewelry, including silver and platinum.
In the US, jewelry is weighed in grams. Some jewelry stores display the
actual weight of each piece, while others do not.

Why donít some jewelry stores want you to know the actual weight?
Because the easiest way to make gold jewelry cheaper is to use less
gold and make it lighter. The main problem with using less gold is that
the jewelry will usually be weaker and more likely to bend.
Some jewelry stores that do not display the weight say that "fine jewelry"
is not sold by the weight. Jewelry stores are not supermarkets, right?

How can this secret help you to make better decisions buying jewelry?
Whenever you are shopping for precious metal jewelry, the first thing you
should figure out is the price per gram. The average price per gram that
we have found at the mall is $28 per gram for 14k gold, $36 per gram for
18k gold, $3 per gram for silver, and $75 per gram for platinum.

Knowing the price per gram will help you compare apples to apples.
It is easy to compare prices for two gold bracelets if they are the same weight,
style, and quality. But this is hardly the case.

Most jewelry stores have very similar items that differ greatly by weight and
price. So in order to compare apples to apples, you must find the price per

gram at each store. As long as the quality and style are similar, the store with

the lower price per gram is always a better value. By negotiating with a sales

person based on price per gram, the sales person will know that you are a

knowledgeable jewelry buyer that cannot be duped.

The price per gram concept also applies to diamonds. All diamonds over $1000 should

come with a GIA certificate rating. When comparing two diamonds of the same rating,

the lower price is always a better value.

Trade Secret #1 Summary
[X] Weight of jewelry determines value
[X] Retailers purchase precious metal jewelry priced per gram, so should you.
[X] In order to compare apples to apples, always figure out the price per gram

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