"How You Can Make $4,000.0 A Day, Sitting At Your Kitchen Table, In Your Underwear!"

Are you a person who could use this kind of money? Of course you are!!!

The next question is how you in your wildest dreams you can do this.

You need to start with a small step. You need to educate yourself
about the ins and outs of doing a business before you do anything else.

Since you've reading this information, I figure you want to be
an entrepreneur. Right?

Wrong! From the very moment you start thinking about your
business start-up you ARE an entrepreneur! You must think as
if you already have your business up and running.

How do you get started? Well, I can tell you a little bit about it in
this article.

First and foremost, I want to walk you through
the very important process of building your vision. Any business,
whatever it may be, starts with someone, somewhere, having a
vision. That is what started KFC, Coca Cola and McDoanld’s.
And now you're in that process, right now, because you're
reading these lines.

When I started my business I made one big mistake and I
realized later that many business owners commit that same one
at the start-up. So what is it?

I planned and chose my business on the basis of income
potential, on the basis of money.

Why is it a mistake? After all, we all do business for the very
same reason: to make money. So how could planning it on that basis
be a mistake?

The reason is simple. Money is a concept. If we all want
money it is because of what we know it can provide for you. But in
itself money isn’t worth my time or yours. Not even $4,000 a day!!

What is worth the time investment when we put our business in the
start-up mode
is what we plan to do with all that hard earned cash piling up in our

So the first thing is you'll have to ask yourself why you want
to start a business in the first place. What are your personal
goals in terms of lifestyle?

The first reason I hear from people looking to start their own
business is: "I want to leave the rat race, I don't want to work
for someone, I want to stop working from 9 to 5 five or six days
a week and most of all I want to quit that job I don't like!"

Does that sound like your situation? I guess that this is at least part
of your thinking.

But while this is better than thinking “I want to make tons of money”,
it's not enough. It is a good start, but you need to work this out a
more so you can have a clear picture of what you want to

In order to do, this you'll have to visualize the lifestyle you
want. As an example, each and every day when I wake up in the
morning I spend half an hour to a full hour fixated on a blank wall.
And I look at it as if there was a movie projected on that flat
blank wall. The movie I see is what I want.

I picture myself in a clear and definite situation. This way I'd
see myself working with people I enjoy and who appreciate me
and what I do for them. I would see myself spending quality time
with my girlfriend at a fine restaurant. I'd see myself enjoying,
tasting and living my life without any income, debt and work
worries. I do this every single day.

Once I stop I'd give myself 15 minutes everyday to write
everything down, what I saw and what I dreamed of.

I write all this in a positive and accountable manner. To give you
an example of what your life could be let me show what a goal would
be for someone who answered yes to my first example.

"I want to quit that job I don't like"

would become:

"I want to start my own business in the fishing industry.
Fishing is my primary hobby for 10 years and I know a great
deal about it. Many will be interested in what I have to offer.
And I want this business to provide me a comfortable living
by the 30th of September 2000."

"I want to stop working from 9 to 5, five or six days a week."

Would become:

"I want to spend most of my time enjoying myself and playing
with my kids and for that matter I want to dedicate no more than
4 to 5 hours a day 4 days a week with that fishing business."

I guess you get the point.

What you write must be:

1. Affirmative. You must write it in a clear positive manner.

2. Goal oriented. Your statements must define what you are
expecting from life. You must make them clear on what you want
and when you want it.

Once you start doing this exercise on a regular basis, your goals
becomes clear and it acts as a motivation for your business.

This is not a flimsy psych up, it is a deep introspection on what
you are really expecting from life and on what is truly important
to you. Once you start seeing that movie on the blank wall you
not only define what you want. You live it! It will become so
true that you'll want to live that every day for a full day. And
this time you'll want to live it for real.

Do this exercise for the next three days. Take one hour a day to
imagine and discover what you really want and how you want it
to be. Write it down as I showed you. Then you are ready to
develop your business further.

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Didier Bonneville-Roussy and Barry Lycka, Canadian
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