How a Simple Kitchen Timer Gave Me Back My Life!

All kinds of stuff was piling up—on my desk, in the
kitchen—in fact, in every room in the house. Then I
discovered the power of . . . the timer!

Now my motto is: Set it and forget it! (Where have
I heard that before?)

It really seemed too simple a solution to solve what
had become an overwhelming problem: how to fit
all the work I have to do, need to do, must do, and
wish to do into one twenty-four hour period and still
have any time left to do anything halfway resembling
"fun." (What's that, anyway?)

But the fact of the matter is that it IS just that SIMPLE!
First, I get all of the routine out of the way: shower,
exercise, grooming, prayer or meditation, breakfast, etc.

Finally at the computer, I set the timer—usually for half
an hour. When it "dings" I get up and maybe transfer
some laundry to the dryer. (I'm one of those rare and
lucky women who is married to an exceptional man
who usually at least starts the laundry, and on a daily
basis, so we never have laundry piled up.)

Just a little "mini" break from the computer, but it does
several things: (1) It allows me to tend to the little
mundane tasks that otherwise get put off. (2) It truly is
the "pause that refreshes," as doing so prevents me from
developing carpal tunnel or that horrible pain between
the shoulders that so many women suffer from. (3) It
gets the blood circulating in my legs and prevents the
varicose veins or phlebitis that sometimes develop in
those who sit a lot. (4) It helps rev up my metabolism,
just moving around a bit.

Another benefit of the mini-break is that it seems to
help clear my thinking and keeps me from getting
bogged down or developing writer's block. And it helps
me to stay focussed (believe it or not), as my mind isn't
as prone to wander as when I'm "at it" for hours on end.
And I don't get "burnt out" on any one thing this way.

I set the timer for various chunks of time throughout the
day—that's the beauty of it—it is SO flexible, and it gives
you that awesome feeling of being in control at all times.
If you plan your work, you can work your plan a whole lot
easier using a timer. You actually have a roadmap then
for the whole day, and the little "dings" are the mile
markers. You get a real feeling of accomplishment,
because you ARE, in fact, actually accomplishing things.

Try it—you'll love it!

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