The Easiest Way to Decorate your Kitchen

Kitchens have an inherent decoration to them that makes further stylistic additions an unnecessary frill. Walls, floors, and fixtures are very expensive to replace, and as such are generally better to just decorate around. Decorative accessories can be brought in to add to the style of the room, but in the kitchen, space is at a premium and these itemns should be included with restraint. Such restrictions on space and structure may make it seem that improving the look of your kitchen is only possible by spending large amounts of money. However, there are several decorative pieces in any functional kitchen that are relatively inexpensive, easy to replace, and you need them to work in the kitchen anyways. These items are your cooking accessories, and they provide an almost unlimited potential for kitchen design and redecoration.

Aside from needing spoons and knives that will function well in a kitchen, you should also pay attention to the color of any pieces that you consider purchasing, and how they will look with the rest of the room. Most utensils will be made from classic wood or steal. These materials can be colored, or even contain colored handles, however the original look of the item is generally the most elegant. For a greater range of color you may want to consider sacrificing the classic feel of steal and wood for more colorful plastic; a material which is durable and comes in almost every hue from bright to subdued.

Once you have chosen the color of your utensils, you have to decide on a way to display them. Using knife and utensil organizers allows you to show off your accessories as if they were intended as decorations. Knives should be kept in a separate knife holder that will keep their edges sharp, but spoons and other accessories can be displayed on racks, walls, or in specialty containers of their own.


Bowls range in size and can easily come in any color. They can be stored in cabinets or hung from racks or walls to show off their beauty and design. Think of a bowl not just as a useful kitchen tool but as a décor piece you can mix and match with other bowls, and display in different positions.

Dishes will generally be hidden away, but occasionally they are also used as wall decorations. If you have cabinets that are clear or glass you will be able to see the dishes, which may require you buying matching sets of plates and bowls. This will give the kitchen a nice ordered look, and will speed up the process of keeping things organized.


If you have a permanent cutting board that you leave on your counter, then this is a major piece in your décor. Cutting boards are large and they catch people’s eyes because they stand out against the counters colors. To effectively use the cutting board as a piece of décor, choose a color and style that is a secondary color in the room. Take a look at the floor, the walls, the accessories, and find out what the predominant color in the room is. Then for your cutting board, pick something different, but complimentary. This will give the room a focal point. Purchase several other cutting boards in various shades of the original, and you can mix and match tones to produce whatever effect you are in the mood for.

Functional kitchens require certain items in order to allow the cook to work. By purchasing these items in particular colors, and matching up different designs, you can put together an overall décor that is based on the needs of the chef, while being beautiful for the eye.

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