Virginia Workers Compensation for the Injured Worker

What to you do in Virginia if you suffer an injury at work?

First, you should report even trivial injuries to your employer immediately and make sure a written accident report is filled out and sent to the employer's insurance company.

Second, you have two years from the date of your accident to file a claim with the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission. If you have medical bills or lost time and the insurance company has not sent you an agreement to be filed with the Commission, it is your obligation as an injured worker to file a Claim for Benefits with the Commission.

Third, if you claim is disputed by the insurance company, then you need to contact an attorney preferably an attorney who is experienced in Virginia Workers' Compensation Law.

Gerald G. Lutkenhaus has been practicing workers compensation law in Virginia for over 25 years. In 1999 he was recognized in Richmond Magazine as the best Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Central Virginia. He has received the highest rating by Martindale Hubbell, an organization that rates attorneys.

Gerald G. Lutkenhaus