Build Self-Esteem with Love Gifts

Feeling good about yourself enables you to easily treat others well.
Practicing the following seven tips will bring more happiness and joy
into your life.

1. GIFT OF ACCEPTANCE. Show those around you that they are loved for
what they are, not for what they do or even how much they try to please
you. Acceptance builds self-esteem in both you and others. Offer
guidance if asked and continually foster independence. Help others
find happiness in their own way and you'll find that your level of joy
increases as well.

2. GIFT OF SELF-CONFIDENCE. This means trusting one's own abilities
and talents and using them. To be proud of accomplishments and not shy
about letting others know about them is another component. The
understanding and acceptance that one does not need the approval of
others all the time is critical to good mental health and emotional

3. GIFT OF POSSIBILITIES. Anyone can do anything they want to do - if
they're willing to work at it. This means acquiring the needed skills,
taking risks, and reaching out.. Give to yourself and your loved ones
and friends the gift of freedom to be anything rather than limiting
imaginations by labels and rules. Permit everyone to dream and then
help in whatever way you can to see the achievement of those dreams.
Encourage love of learning and exploration of new ideas. Your influence
will encourage you to do the same.

4. GIFT OF FAMILY AND FRIENDS. This support base allows a positive
outlook to permeate whatever you do with your life. You learn from both
the good and the bad, the happy and sad, the success and the setbacks.
Interactions of all types are found, nurtured, and used throughout your
life. They aren't always picture-perfect but that's part of teaching
you how to develop yourself and the many capabilities you need to build

5. GIFT OF BEING A PERSON WHO HAS A SPARK and appreciation for all of
life. Encourage those you care about to be fully alive by taking
adventures, finding laughter and fun daily, expressing their creativity,
and stretching themselves beyond their personal limits. Model a
lifestyle that provides them with a positive guideline.

practicing this way of life demonstrates that you don't just sit around
and fret about problems. Rather, you tackle them. Be a doer; you'll
be surprised at how others will follow your lead. Not only that, the
"problems" may vanish when met head on or realistically pushed aside.

7. GIFT OF ACRONYMS. Sure, it sounds strange but it gets you
thinking. Here's some ideas for the word love.
Loving Openly, Vivaciously, Enthusiastically
Liking Offspring Virtually Everyday
Little Oddities, Very Endearing
Life Offers Vibrant Energy
Laughter, Openness, Vitality, Excitement

In addition to giving these gifts to others, remember to give them to
yourself as well. Love gifts can be given away any time, to anyone, for
the best reason of all, you care. The gifts of acceptance,
self-confidence, possibility thinking and action, problem solving, and
the supreme gift of finding happiness in the challenge of living comes
from self-esteem love gifts. Give them freely, willingly, and with

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