5 Tips to Help Massage Therapy Practices Increasing Clients’ Retention

The following tips are for sure very basic techniques. However, when used, they dramatically increase your client retention and attract a brand news clientele.

1.Be visible and be known as the best. Greater exposure instantly gives you greater credibility.

2.Provide hands out to your clients on a regular basis. A top notch quality newsletter shows your professionalism. Some websites specialize in creating high quality affordable newsletters that you can quickly and easily personalize.

3.Keep your workplace impeccable at all times. Don’t forget that people will evaluate your service on tangible things.

4.Show people that massage services are an investment, not a useless expense. You can get magazines that specializes in massage therapy related topics. They are affordable and demonstrate the value of this kind of alternative medicine.

5.Motivate people take action and be responsible for their own health
This is only a little sample of tips to get you started. I could bet that you already knew most of these techniques. But remember that it won’t help you to read this unless you decide turn your knowledge into action. That is what sets leaders apart!

About the Author

Annick Lemieux is LMT at the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. She owned her private practice and worked internationally for Luxury Spas Onboard Cruises Ships. She also the author of the complimentary MaSsagE-ZinE, a publication dedicated to educate and help other professional Massage Therapists willing to build and keep their thriving practice.

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Annick Lemieux, LMT