Massage Your Mind!: Tongue-Biting for Excellence

We do a lot of thinking. We also spend a lot of time defending our ideas. In the process, we often attack (okay, more like poke at) the ideas of others.

Let's try something new for the next few days. Instead of poking at other's ideas, make two SUPPORTIVE statements about what they have to say, even if you don't agree with the main idea. Find something INTERESTING about their viewpoint. It doesn't have to be positive exactly. But for this week, try to pause long enough to note interesting points FIRST.

Practice doing this when you read the paper or listen to the news. Pause to come up with something INTERESTING first before attacking. Even if your least favorite politician just did something idiotic. Even if your least favorite actress is quoted as saying something inane.

It's tempting to make a snide remark immediately. It's fun to sneer. Hold off. Think "interesting". And see what comes up.

Is your tongue bleeding? Are you biting it while thinking of "interesting" points first before attacking? Good job! This is a critical part of becoming an excellent human.

Let's add something more. Every day, let someone else be right. No, really. Even if you know they are wrong, let them have the last word. You can fume if you want to, but it's bad form.

Take heart in knowing that you still know better (if that is indeed the case) and also in recognizing that your generosity in allowing someone else to be right will ultimately come back to you in some way. Okay, only if you believe in that, but I do.

Every day. One person. That's it. That's not so hard, is it?

Pause. Look for interesting points. Refrain for knee-jerk cynicism. Allow someone else to be right.

Try if for a few days. But I've got to warn you--it could be habit forming.

You just might find yourself becoming excellent.

About the Author

Maya Talisman Frost is a mind masseuse. As a teacher, facilitator and mediator, she has helped others engage their formidable frontal lobes since 1983. Her popular course, "Massage Your Mind!: Defining Your Life Philosophy", has inspired thinkers in over 60 countries around the world. Her free weekly e-zine, the Friday Mind Massage, is designed to ease you into a thoughtful weekend. To subscribe, visit today. Thanks for thinking!

Maya Talisman Frost