Making Your Own Music For Your Movies

So you've got some great scenes on tape and the only thing that could make them better would be some music.

The bad news is of course is that the cost of buying the song you really want is probably way out of reach for the indie production. The good news is that for the price of talking to a decent attorney to get the price of the music that you want, you can buy the software that will enable you to create the music that you need.

The software I'm talking about is Acid 4.0. It enables you to easily drag and drop different music loops together to create royalty free tunes you can use in anything you'd like.

The software is really simple to start using right out of the box, all the files you need are located in the bottom portion of the screen and the tracks you are working with are on the top. You can preview the loops on the bottom of the screen before you drag them to the top to start mixing. Once you have a few loops mixed on the top of the screen you can play them while you sample the loops on file at the bottom of the screen so you can preview what they would sound like together.

You can set the beat of the song to just about any speed you'd like, you can go from a slow, mellow tune that sounds like it belongs in a family sedan commercial to romantic moments or you can cut loose with a mad techno beat for fights and car chases or club scenes. The only limit to what you can create with this software is your imagination.

There is also a seemingly endless list of plug-ins and effect that you can use to customize the loops in an infinite number of ways. From adding echos
to distortions you can really engineer the sounds to the style your looking to achieve. The software also supports surround sound editing for video
so I'm really only doing the software some basic justice here.

The company offers a variety of additional loop libraries plus a large amount from other vendors which can all be mixed and matched to create the
sound your looking for. There are loops from many different styles. Blues, Hip Hop, Techno, Jazz, Drums the list is quite comprehensive.

If you're already recording music into your computer on your own with a keyboard or what have you, it can also be dropped in there along with just about any other sound you can get into your computer. For example I've taken background sounds that I've recorded onto mini disc like running water and the sounds of people dining at a local eatery and mixed it with music that I've created with Acid 4.0. There's a ton of benefits in there for the indie movie maker and musician alike.

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