Movie Review: Wallace and Gromit in Curse of the Were Rabbit

If you're in the mood to laugh yourself silly, Wallace & Gromit's "Curse of the Were-Rabbit" is a jolly good show for the whole family.

It's about a dimwitted inventor named Wallace and his sidekick dog, Gromit, coming up with a solution to the flurry of rabbits destroying the community's vegetable gardens. If something isn't done quickly, the townspeople will have nothing to show for at the local Giant Vegetable Competition.

As a quick fix, Wallace and Gromit develop the Bun-Vac 6000, a contraption that enables them to remove rabbits via remote control as they patrol the neighborhood in their van. What initially seems like a good idea backfires when Wallace hooks the Bun-Vac up to his latest invention, the Mind-O-Matic, hoping to brainwash the rabbits into not wanting to eat vegetables at all. The experiment results in a giant "were-rabbit" -- seen in classic horror movie-style only as a shadow and footprints at first -- starts ravaging the town's gardens, turning the locals into a rowdy mob.

What's fun about "Curse of the Were-Rabbit" is that its nutty, offbeat humor is innocent and good-natured. Adults will understand it on a deeper level than children. For instance, the Were Rabbit--half-man, half-hare--piggybacks off King Kong and old werewolf movies, but children will just see it as wacky and fun.

Bottom line: "Curse of the Were-Rabbit" is a "doolally" movie that is absolutely fabulous. Go on, and give it a whirl. You won't be disappointed!
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