Nine Movies That Make You Want To Yell, "Stop Saying That"

Movie moments are nice things to share with the people you care about.
Most of those shared moments consist of “Remember that one part
when the guy with the thing…” and before they can finish you’re
interjecting with your own vague, “Oh totally, I love that part!” But
occasionally this process extends beyond an inner circle and goes global
in its reach. This is where a perfectly fine movie goes to the realm of
annoying, because of our need to repeat the catchy lines contained within
them. Here is a completely subjective list of movies that have been ruined
by our need to copycat.

1. Austin Powers – “Oh behave.” Remember that period after the movie
when fairly normal people couldn’t resist putting their pinkies in their
mouth and incorporating the word shag into a sentence. Oh, that’s
right, no one wants to remember that. Thank god there were two
more movies with the same jokes to remind us.

2. The Godfather – A fantastic epic that spawned a generation of bad
Marlon Brando impersonations. Sans cotton balls. The most overused,
dumb line: “It’s nothing personal, it’s strictly business.” Yeah, and I’m
the president of Uzbekistan. People that buy into and repeat this line
must have forgotten that the same people who proscribed to this guff
also chopped off a horse head and put it into someone’s bed.

3. Jerry Maguire – What started with a nice moment between two deaf
people signing in an elevator, “You complete me,” has somehow ended
up with people saying to waiter’s at cheesy Italian Restaurants, “You
had me at our specials for tonight are.” Lucky deaf people.

4. Napoleon Dynamite – The newest entry, and along with The Godfather
combines two elements of mimicry. You can’t just say the line, you have
to do it in the voice of the performer as well. How could this possibly go

5. Scarface – Oh man, give me coke! Give me everything! And after that
I’m going to introduce you to my little friend and go down in a blaze of
glory! Isn’t drug dealing swell! All right, I know that’s not the point, but
ask any guy what their favorite movie is, and I guarantee not one of them
is saying, “You know that Out of Africa was pretty fricking good.
Remember when Robert Redford said.....” Oh, who am I kidding, I’m a
guy; this movie was perfect. Repeat “Say hello to my little friend” as
much as you want.

6. Caddyshack – Not for the lines that are said, but for the fact that
nobody can remember what the lines are. If the lines were so memorable,
why the hell are we constantly butchering them on the golf course?

7. Warriors – All right this isn’t a good movie, but saying “Warriors, come
out and plaayeeeaay” is the equivalent of yelling “Freebird” at a concert.

8. Taxi Driver – No one’s looking at you. Stop pretending that someone

9. Forrest Gump – Why did copying what a mentally retarded person had
to say seem like a good idea? No, life isn’t like a box of chocolates, most
of the time we know what we’re getting.

About the Author

Travis Cloud is a freelance writer from Seattle, Washington.

Travis Cloud