So You Wanna be in Movies?

So yo wanna be in movies but didn't know where to start?

Working actor, Ralph Peduto had the same question and armed with nothing more than desire found his way through the maze that prevents even the most talented from ever achieving their on-screen goals.

Desire, Ralph found, was only a strong wish. He had to back that desire with action and in so doing achieved his on-screen goal.

Ralph has made the circuitous journey from dream to screen and from his experiences (over 50 TV shows & movies and 50 commercials) has developed a method that will help others achieve their on-screen desires.

He does this by training on-camera actors in his Santa Cruz California studios where his primary goal is to turn out working actors.

Now you know where to start, right here with working actor Ralph Peduto, .

"The business of acting," says Ralph, "is just that, a business. Too many actors focus entirely on the performance side of the business whereas, the actor who wants to work needs to also focus on the business. That's the bottom line and that's the teaching and coaching I bring to all my classes."

With Ralph you will learn:
How to get into the Biz.
How to act for film & TV.
How to get & keep agents.
How to get into commercials.

It's your life write yourself a lead role. Take action!

About the Author

As an actor Ralph Peduto has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, from Francis Ford Coppola, to Robin Williams. A sampling of his more than 50 credits include, Mrs. Doubtfire, Cheers, Monk & General Hospital. But it was the slogan as the Midas Muffler spokesman that imbedded this actor into the American TV viewer's minds with, "Nobody Beats Midas... Nobody."

Ralph Peduto